Welcome to the September 2013 edition of the tenants and residents association newsletter, which we hope will provide you with a helpful update of what has been going on around the estate over the last few months and what you can expect to see going on over the coming months.




As many people may already be aware, there was a fire in Gedling House in July.  One property sustained substantial damage, with the occupants needing to be re-homed.  One other property suffered more minor fire damage and a number of others suffered water damage as the fire was extinguished.


The structure of the building was such that the fire was not able to spread to other units and all residents on the block were able to evacuate safely without injury.


There was a presentation on the fire which will include more general fire safety advice at the last T&RA general meeting on 14th August 2013.  Should you have any concerns about fire safety in your property, please discuss them with your housing officer, John Cundall, who can be contacted on 0207 525 1374, or by email at john.cundall@southwark.gov.uk.  If a fire breaks out in your property dial 999 immediately.


The incident provides a timely reminder of the importance of insuring the contents of your home.  Southwark Council has negotiated favourable rates for home contents insurance with Crystal Insurance, who can be contacted on 0845 601 7007, or by email at crystal@jltgroup.com.


Unfortunately in September a second fire broke out in a property in Felbridge House.  Again fortunately no one was injured.  All residents were evacuated from the building safely and the fire service extinguished the fire quickly.  As with the previous incident, the fire was contained within the affected property and did not spread to other units. 





Welcome to the September 2013 edition of the tenants and residents association newsletter, which we hope will provide you with a helpful update of what has been going on around the estate over the last few months and what you can expect to see going on over the coming months.


Big Lunch


On 2nd June, East Dulwich Estate saw its first ever Big Lunch, with residents gathering on Albrighton Road to enjoy a lunch with their neighbours.  Despite poor weather earlier in the week, the sun shone through and, with the help of a wide variety of dishes those attending provided, the lunch was a big success.


Summer Fete


A big thank you to all those who supported this year’s Summer Fete.  The fete was a big success again this year with a little over £1,500 being raised.


Summer Trips


Summer trips to Butlins Bognor Regis and Southsea were hugely popular again this year.  Tickets priced at £5.00 per person sold out on the first night of sale.  A further trip to Paris, to be confirmed, will be taking place later in the year.



Recycling – your frequently asked questions


When and Where? Fridays between 6am and 6pm.  Put your bag out last thing at night on Thursday.  Put your bag outside your front door. Veolia staff should collect from your doorstep.  Additional communal recycling bins will be arriving soon in every courtyard, so you can put extra recycling straight into the bin. Please don’t leave bags in heaps elsewhere – it looks horrible and is a fire hazard.


Why recycle?

Plastic, metal cans, bottles and paper all use valuable raw materials and take energy to produce. Recycling saves energy and makes the most of raw materials. It also saves Southwark Council money by reducing the tax paid on waste that goes into landfill.


What will happen to the recycling after it is collected?

It is taken to Veolia’s waste management facility off the Old Kent Road, and sorted into separate materials before being sent on to reprocessors to be made into something new. For example, old newspapers become new newspaper; plastic bottles can become fleece material.


What happens if the wrong materials are included?

Items like food waste or textiles can damage machinery when the recycling is sorted or contaminate the recyclables, making them unusable.


Do I need to wash tins and plastic food containers before recycling?

Please give them a rinse to remove food. You don’t need to use detergent and hot water – that would be a waste of energy!


What if my clear bag has not been collected by 6pm on Friday?

This shouldn’t happen – but sometimes one slips through the net! Please report it on 020 7525 2000 or at environment@southwark.gov.uk so Southwark and Veolia can improve the service. If you report a missed collection, it should be collected within three working days.


I’ve got too much recycling to keep it in my kitchen till Friday!

Just put it in one of the new communal recycling bins. Don’t forget you need to put recycling into the new bins loose.


What can I do with old clothes?

Charity shops (there are lots on Lordship Lane and Rye Lane) will be glad to have clean clothes to sell to raise money for good causes. Or you can put them in the textile recycling bins in the car park at Sainsbury’s on Dog Kennel Hill. Beware of collectors who offer to take your clothes away – if you want to support a charity with your donation, make sure you look for the words “Registered Charity” and the registration number on the leaflet.


What can I do with a broken toaster/CD player/TV?

Please take them to the small electrical goods recycling bin in the car park at Sainsbury’s opposite.


I’ve got to get rid of an old mattress/sofa/fridge.

Please call the Bulky Waste service on 020 7525 2000 or use the online form at www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200084/recycling_and_waste/1667/bulky_waste_collection to book a collection. If you leave something in the courtyard for collection, please stick a note on it to say when it’s going to be collected so your neighbours know it’s not just been dumped.



Dulwich Society to commemorate war dead in East Dulwich


On the 9th September 1940, a bomb fell on the Wheatland House air raid shelter, killing 29 people. At the time the incident was considered so serious a loss of life that HM The King and Queen visited shortly after, a fact not revealed until the end of the war because of restrictions placed on the reporting of air raids.


A week later, on 15 September 1940, six people, including a child of four, were killed at Goldwell House, Quorn Road.


This year, the Dulwich Society will be dedicating plaques in memory of those who were killed. The ceremonies will be on Sunday 8 September (Albrighton Centre) and Sunday 15 September (Quorn Road). Both ceremonies will be held at 12 noon and all residents are welcome to attend.


Brian Green of the Dulwich Society is anxious to contact any resident of the East Dulwich Estate who is related to any of those killed, was at school with any of those killed or was living on the estate at the time and might remember the event.  Please contact him via email at Greenbriane@aol.com or telephone 020 7274 1996 or by letter at 133 Burbage Road, LondonSE21 7AF. 


Regeneration Update


All households on the estate will soon be receiving a newsletter detailing the next phases of the estate regeneration.  While the bulk of the work to each of the blocks on the estate, both inside and outside, is complete, these works will comprise the final stages of the regeneration.


Work has commenced on the first phase of drying room conversions.  Nine void roof spaces will be transformed into one or two bed properties across the estate.  Residents in each of the affected blocks should have already received notification of, and be aware of, the work.  Additional conversions will take place in later phases.


In January, work will commence on two new blocks on Pytchley Road.  These new blocks will be council owned and managed.  The new blocks will be two of the first in a programme of construction of thousands of new council homes recently announced around the whole of the borough.  50% of these new homes will be made available to residents of the estate needing to move to a more suitable property.


In addition to these works regeneration will also be undertaken to Badminton House, located at the bottom of the estate adjacent to the railway.  It had been planned to dispose of the block to a private developer, but this proposal has been revised, and the block will now be retained by Southwark, and once refurbished, the properties will be re-let.


Environmental works will also be ongoing across the estate simultaneously.  This will involve a major redesign of green areas, planting, trees, car parking, re-cycling facilities, and cycle storage.


At any time during the works, should residents have any complaints (or other feedback) about work being undertaken, noise, mess, or any other issues, contact details will be provided.  In the event of difficulties, complaints can be made via the tenants and residents association either directly at Albrighton Community Centre, or by telephone on 020 7737 6186.



Mutual Exchange Event


We are holding a Mutual Exchange event for tenants who want to exchange their property for another property on East Dulwich Estate.  The event will only be for those wishing to exchange to another property here on the estate.


The main event will take place on Wednesday 18th September 2013 (4pm to 8pm) at the Albrighton Community Centre.


At the event you can see what properties are available for exchange on the East Dulwich Estate. If you are interested in doing an exchange with someone else living here on the estate, the tenants of those properties will be spoken to in order to check if they want to do an exchange to your property.


Tenants who want to exchange to a smaller property (i.e. fewer bedrooms) may qualify for an incentive to help with the move.  The exchange scheme will also be open to those with rent arrears, subject to approval by Southwark, but any incentives will have arrears deducted from them.


If you want to attend this event, please complete and return the registration form that has been dropped through your door to the Albrighton Community Centre reception by 9th September 2013.  This will allow you to pre-register your property to ensure it is seen by more people. This information will be used to list your property and confirm your interest in doing an exchange.  Additional registration forms are also available at reception.


If you have any queries, Southwark officers will be at the Albrighton Community Centre on Monday 9th September 2013 between 5pm and 8pm to answer any questions.   If you are unable to attend the meeting on 9th September, further information can be provided, and registrations taken, at the viewing event on 18th September.


Washing Line Thefts


There still continue to be a small number of thefts of clothing from washing lines around the estate.  These thefts can be both distressing and costly.  If you are the victim of a theft, see any suspicious activity, or have any information about these thefts please contact the police immediately.  In an emergency always dial 999. Otherwise our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team can be contacted by telephone on 020 8721 2448 or by email at snt.met.police.uk



The community centre has a large selection of new books, both fiction and non-fiction, for sale in the reception area.  These books have been kindly donated to us by Orion Publishing.  We have an extensive range of titles to interest a broad spectrum of reading tastes, with new titles regularly added.


Please call in and have look.


All books are priced at only £1.00 each



Please help us turn your unwanted items into cash for the community centre by recycling clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, bedding and curtains, or other fabric items.

Items can be dropped off at the reception area at the centre between the hours of 9.00am and 9.00pm daily.  If you are unable to drop your recycling of at the centre yourself, please give us a call on 0207 737 6186 and we can collect from your door instead.